What Does a White Spot on Tongue Surfaces in the Mouth Mean?

If you have a white spot on tongue surfaces of your mouth, you may have a serious tongue disorder. White stuff on tongue surfaces can often be an indication of bad breath or halitosis. However, this condition can be treated once you understand what the cause is.

What Causes White on Tongue Surfaces to Develop

White spots or coating on the tongue is caused by an excess of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. This anaerobic bacterium produces excess sulfur in the mouth also.

An excess of anaerobic bacterium develops when there are cracks or fissures in the tongue that are absent of oxygen. A healthy tongue will be smooth and the bacterium cannot thrive because it is killed by oxygen.

However, conditions such as geographic tongue can cause deep cracks and fissures the oxygen cannot penetrate. As these bacteria increase, a white substance can develop on the surface of the tongue. In severe situations, you may experience a white hairy tongue. The additional sulfur produced by excess bacteria can cause bad breath.

What Treatment Options Should Not Be Used for a White Spot on Tongue


While it may seem that there is a lot of bad breath and mouth care products on the market today, most are not effective to treat this condition. Many can even worsen the condition.

This type of bacteria actually uses sugar and alcohol as fuel or food to develop. Since these are the main ingredients in most mouth washes, toothpastes, and in every bad breath product they should not be used.

Many dentists and physicians recommend the use of tongue cleaners or scrapers. However, these products only remove food particles and debris from the tongue, but they do not kill the excess bacteria. You must use a product in conjunction with these tools that can kill the bacteria.

The Best Products to Remove a White Spot on Tongue Surfaces

In order to effectively remove white spots or a white coating from the tongue, you need a tongue care product that contains oxygenators. The most effective type on the market today is TheraBreath.

TheraBreath offers a full line of mouth washes, tooth pastes, and sprays for fighting bad breath. These products contain Oxyd-8, which is the most powerful over the counter oxygenator. It can go deep into crevices of the tongue and combat the bacteria found there. When used after scraping these products can be very effective.

TheraBreath was developed by Dr. Katz who has spent years researching the cause of bad breath and halitosis. He is the founder of The California Breath Clinics and has effectively treated thousands of people with the TheraBreath product line. Every month, thousands of people purchase these products to help alleviate white spots and bad breath.