Causes And Cures For White Furry Tongue

If you have a white furry tongue, chances are that you have bad breath to go along with it. This is a condition that can have many causes. The good news is that there are many ways to cure this condition as well.

White Tongue Causes

The causes of white stuff on tongue can be anything from medication that you are taking as well as post nasal drip, tonsil stones and poor oral hygiene. The result of having what is often called a thick tongue is usually very foul breath.

Many people do not realize that much of bad breath is caused by the tongue as well as tongue disease. Certain drugs that you take may be contributory factors to this condition, which is also known as a hairy tongue or a thick tongue.

You should examine your lifestyle as well as the medications that you are taking when you are treating this condition. Many causes can be eliminated by simply changing your lifestyle and by incorporating good oral hygiene.

Some underlying medical conditions that can cause this condition include diabetes and metabolic syndrome such as a hormone imbalance. If the condition does not go away after home treatment, you may want to seek out advice from your doctor so that they can rule out these conditions.

White Furry Tongue Results

The result of this tongue problem is bad breath. Bad breath is often caused by elements on the tongue. Bad breath is offensive and can keep you from making friends as well as forming relationships. You may not realize that you have bad breath but if you see a thick white tongue, you should address it right away.

Treatment For White Furry Tongue

There are products that can be used to treat this condition right at home. You do not have to rush to the doctor right away if you find that you have a coating on your tongue as this is not usually related to anything serious. You should take a look at the products that are offered by companies such as TheraBreath. TheraBreath is a company that prides itself in providing customers with the very best products when it comes to promoting oral hygiene as well as conditions that relate to bad breath.

One of the best ways to get started with treating a coated tongue that is causing bad breath is the TheraBreath Plus Basic Kit. This kit includes a special toothpaste that will help clean your teeth and can also be used on your tongue. You should make a habit of brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth.

This kit also includes an oral rinse that will help eliminate the condition as well. Also included in this kit is a tongue scraper which will eliminate the film that builds up on those who have problems with a coated tongue. There is no reason to have to suffer with tongue problems when you can treat them right at home with products from TheraBreath.