Do You Have White Bumps on Tongue Surfaces of Your Mouth?

Do you have white bumps on tongue surfaces of your mouth? These tongue spots can be an indication of a serious tongue health problem. White sores on tongue surfaces are actually a direct sign of an unhealthy environment in your mouth. They are often related to the development of bad breath.

White Tongue Causes

White bumps on tongue surfaces of the mouth are caused by an unhealthy balance of anaerobic bacteria. This bacterium is a normal presence in the mouth. However, many things can cause this bacterium to grow too fast and become uncontrolled.

The most common causes of excessive bacteria are cracks or fissures in the tongue and dry mouth. An anaerobic bacterium grows in environments where oxygen is absent.

For example, in the bottom of cracks of fissure that oxygen cannot get into. As this bacterium grows out of control, it can form white spots on the tongue or eventually completely coat the surface of the tongue.

This bacteria feeds on tiny particles of food left behind on the tongue. These may even feed on alcohol and sugars found in mouthwashes that are supposed to keep your mouth healthy. Some bad breath products like mouth sprays even contain these ingredients.

Treatment Options for White Bumps on Tongue Surfaces

If you have a white sore on tongue surfaces in your mouth, there are several treatment options. The best products will contain oxygenating ingredients.

One example is the TheraBreath line of products. These products contain Oxyd-8, which is effective at penetrating deep into the fissure and cracks of a tongue. It can help to quickly work to restore a healthy balance of the anaerobic bacterium in your mouth.

The best product of this line to remove white spots is TheraBreath Oxygenating Toothpaste. This product works well when brushed on the tongue but for the best results it should be used along with a tongue cleaner or a tongue scraper.

How to Use TheraBreath Oxygenating Toothpaste with a Tongue Scraper

A tongue scraper is a flat stiff surface that you can use to run over the majority of your tongue.

The first step of the process is to gently start at the back of your tongue and begin sweeping across the surface of your tongue until you reach the front. Continue this process until your entire tongue has been swept and all food particles are removed.

The second step is to apply the toothpaste to the surface of your tongue and let it sit for at least 90 seconds. This will give it more time to work and be effective. You can brush your teeth while you are letting the toothpaste work.

Using this method will greatly reduce the number of anaerobic bacterium in your mouth and can be even more effective if used in conjunction with TheraBreath mouthwash