Underlying Causes of Coated Tongue and Their Significance

It is important that we fully understand the real causes of coated tongue. A white coated tongue is something that we don’t want to have as this may indicate a serious oral problem especially when left untreated.

Most of us are not too happy to have a white coated tongue. However, most of us are not doing enough to prevent this condition from happening.

Geographic Tongue and Tongue Problems

People who have the condition defined as geographic tongue are prone to develop tongue problems. This means that a tongue with a lot of grooves and fissures in it can easily develop a white coated tongue.

This tongue fissure and grooves become breeding ground of anaerobic bacteria producing an excellent environment in the development of halitosis. The growth of anaerobic bacteria gives rise to white coated tongue and ultimately, bad breath.

The practical way to prevent the occurrence of these tongue problems is by maintaining the cleanliness of the tongue at all times. However, this condition is not as simple as it may seem.

Causes of Coated Tongue

These tongue problems may be due to many different reasons. Some of these problems may be benign and can be resolved easily, while some cases require some serious treatment.

Some of these tongue problems may even be indicative of more serious ailments like cancer.

  • The most common cause of white coated tongue, especially in the morning, is poor oral hygiene. It could also mean that you are suffering from colds or allergies and that you breathed through your mouth throughout the night.
  • A generalized white coating of the tongue is an indication of minor inflammation of the papillae, the tiny bumps that coat your tongue. This condition may also be due to poor oral hygiene, dehydration or may be chronic for smokers.
  • A tongue with white patches may indicate thrush, a type of oral yeast infection. This is common to people who take antibiotics, those suffering from diabetes and asthma.
  • The white patches in the tongue may also indicate a case of leukoplakia. This is a condition that is common to people who smoke or use tobacco regularly.
  • It is essential that one who is suspected to have this condition must consult a doctor as this may lead to oral cancer.
  • A condition where white stripes appear on the tongue is referred to as Lichen planus. This may cause an itchy feeling and may even affect other parts of the body.

Poor oral hygiene and smoking are the main causes of white tongue. However, if you develop white patches and stripes, these may mean a more serious condition which needs the doctor’s evaluation.

Cleaning White Coated Tongue

Tongue scraping is the process of maintaining the cleanliness of the tongue. What is unfortunate is that it is not being practiced by the average American.

It should be noted by everyone that tongue scraping is one of the essential aspects in keeping our breath fresh. It is not a difficult procedure and would not require much of our time.

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It is important to understand the various causes of coated tongue in order to determine the proper procedure in cleaning the coated tongue.