How to Clean Your Tongue Correctly

Knowing how to clean your tongue properly is very important to maintaining overall mouth health. Simply brushing and flossing the teeth only handles half the problem.

Your tongue is actually the largest surface in your mouth. Therefore, it is also the largest breeding ground for bacteria and germs. However, in order to understand how to clean your tongue effectively, you need to understand what you are trying to clean away.

Possible Tongue Conditions

There are a variety of problems that can develop on the tongue. However, one of the biggest tongue symptoms is bad breath.

Bad breath is symptom of an underlying condition within the mouth. In most cases, it is cause by bacteria that is found in tongue cracks and fissures. This anaerobic bacterium is always present in the mouth as it is used for the digestion of food.

The bacteria thrive in oxygen deprived areas. If you have these cracks, the bacteria can produce quickly deep in them where oxygen cannot get in. As this bacterium grows out of control, the tongue may become coated with white spots.

This is often confused with thrush tongue, which is caused by a fungus and the treatments for thrush can actually make the bacteria worse. This is why you must be sure of the source of your condition before deciding how to clean your tongue.

The Best Products to Clean Your Tongue

Most dentists and physicians will tell you the best ways to clean your tongue are using a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner. In addition to this, you must also use an oxygen enriched product in order to get rid of the bacteria on the surface of the tongue.

One of the most effective lines of dental products on the market today is marketed by TheraBreath. The Oxygenation Toothpaste and Tongue Cleaner are specially designed to clean your tongue and are being recommended by doctors everywhere.

TheraBreath was developed by Dr. Katz, a world renowned dentist who specializes in bad breath. He developed The California Breath Clinics specifically to combat bad breath.

Why TheraBreath Is Effective

TheraBreath products contain Oxyd-8 which is a very effective oxygenation cleaner. This ingredient is able to penetrate deep into the fissure and cracks found in the tongue and eliminate bacteria.

Unlike regular toothpaste and mouth rinse products which contain sugar and alcohol, TheraBreath products are sugar and alcohol free. Sugar filled products can actually be used as fuel for the growth of additional bacteria, while alcohol can also stimulate the growth of anaerobic bacteria and make the mouth dry.

However, TheraBreath products do not dry out the mouth and actually contain additional ingredients to aid in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. TheraBreath products are an excellent solution to eliminate bad breath and enjoy a healthy mouth environment.

If you have experienced pain, inflammation, or the development of white spots or patches on your tongue, TheraBreath products are the best solution. They can be purchased online individually or in complete mouth and tongue care kits.