Do You Have A Healthy Tongue?

A healthy tongue is more a part of a good oral care program than you may think. While many people have healthy tongues, others will suffer from chronic halitosis, white furry tongues, and other problems.

How Do You Know if You Have A Healthy Tongue?

A healthy tongue will be a warm pink color and free of dryness. It is covered with small nodules called papillae. It will not have white patches or a yellow coating. It won’t appear furry or have deep fissures.

The healthy tongue will not be covered in red spots and will not appear hairy. If you have any of these signs or symptoms of an unhealthy tongue, there are certain conditions that will usually be present.

What Are Tongue Fissures?

These are grooves or cracks in the tongue. One in five people have such a condition. They can be somewhat painful. These are usually associated with a geographic tongue.

The fissures, grooves, and cracks are excellent breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause bad breath. The best treatment for this condition is the use of a tongue scraper and toothpaste that has a very high oxygen content. You might try TheraBreath Oxygenating Toothpaste with the TheraBreath Tongue Cleaner.

You place spot of the gel on your tongue and let it sit there before using the tongue scraper. This will allow the oxygen to penetrate underneath the surface of the tongue. This kills the bacteria that causes halitosis because they do not thrive in an oxygen based environment.

What Are White Patches on Tongue?

A white tongue is usually an indication of a breath problem. If you have a geographic tongue, you are more likely to suffer from this condition than other. The whiteness is actually caused by bacteria that create a sulfur compound in the mouth.

The best way to rid yourself o this problem is to keep your tongue clean. The Bad Breath Bible, by Dr. Katz, lists the best treatment of this condition is to use a tongue cleaner and the TheraBreath Oxygenating Toothpaste.

There can also be a yellow coated tongue. This is caused by the same bacteria as a white tongue, but is a more advanced stage of the condition. You may also find red spots tongue. These are often a symptom of a geographic tongue. You may find these can be somewhat painful. You may find relief by cleaning the tongue thoroughly.

Keeping your Tongue Healthy

You may want to try the above treatment if you have white patches on your tongue, a yellow coating on your tongue, or even red spots. By keeping your tongue clean and practicing good oral care, you will soon see results. You will have a healthy tongue.