Geographical Tongue: What Are the Causes and Treatments?

A geographical tongue refers to the various formation of the tongue. In most cases, the rougher the tongue is, the more likely you are to suffer from bad breath.

The shape or geography of your tongue is passed down through the generations, much like skin, hair, and eye colors. While you may not think the shape of your tongue is important, it is.

What Are Geographical Tongue Causes and Symptoms?

For many people, the underlying condition of chronic bad breath or halitosis starts with the shape of the tongue. People with a fissured tongue or a deep groove down the middle of the tongue are more likely to have bad breath than others.

This is because the bacteria that causes bad breath is cut off from oxygen. This allows the bacteria to thrive and cause more of the sulfur compounds responsible for halitosis. It can also be caused by mouthwash that contains alcohol and certain types of toothpaste.

Some people also suffer from a white furry tongue. This is because the fibers that make up the tongue may be somewhat longer than normal. This gives the tongue a rougher appearance and this can trap the tongue bacteria. This tongue bacteria also causes a white furry tongue, which can be embarrassing.

What Are Geographical Tongue Treatments?

There are several things you can do to help minimize the effects of a geographical tongue. One of the best available treatments is recommended in the Bad Breath Bible by Dr. Katz. He recommends the use of a tongue scrapper but only with a product such as TheraBreath Toothpaste.

If you don’t use an oxygenating product, the scrapper will not do any good other than to make your tongue sore. Place some of the gel toothpaste on the tongue and allow it to sit for a few minutes. This will give the oxygen compounds found in this product time to penetrate under the surface of the skin.

Because this is where you will find the bacteria responsible for bad breath, it will help to destroy it by providing an overload of oxygen. The bacterium found underneath the surface of the skin is anaerobic. Therefore, the oxygen in Therabreath toothpaste will help penetrate the areas of your geographical tongue and provide relief from chronic bad breath and the furry tongue.

In Closing

A geographical tongue does not need to cause you problems if you practice good oral care. By using the best products for your oral care, you will quickly see results.

There are many other products offered by TheraBreath and most are specifically dedicated to helping relieve bad breath. These products are scientifically designed to attack the bacteria that cause bad breath.