Geographic Tongue Treatment Options & Remedies

Many people who suffer from halitosis, find that the geographic tongue treatment designed by Dr. Katz can be very effective. The geography of the tongue is one of the biggest contributing factors to bad breath.

People who have a flat, smooth tongue are less likely to experience bad breath. However, those with a geography including cracks or deep fissure will likely suffer from bad breath. This condition of having an irregular tongue texture is referred to as geographic tongue.

Geographic tongue causes bad breath that left untreated can develop into severe halitosis.

Causes for Bad Breath

The reason geographic tongue causes bad breath is due to bacteria located in the mouth. Everyone has bacteria in their mouth all the time. It is needed for the digestion process for the food you eat.

However, this bacterium thrives in non-oxygenated areas. When the tongue has deep fissures or cracks, these bacteria can grow very quickly in the bottom of these areas, where oxygen doesn’t reach. Over time, these bacteria can cause inflammation of the tongue and you can experience severe pain.

Geographic Tongue Treatment to Avoid

This condition cannot be treated with regular toothpaste and mouthwash. These products can actually inflame the problem and not kill bad breath. The anaerobic bacterium that causes bad breath can actually respond to the alcohol and sugar in these products and grow faster.

Many dentists and doctors recommend tongue scraping as a geographic tongue cure. However, tongue scraping can only remove the bacteria it comes into contact with. It does not have any effect on the bacteria left behind.

The Best Remedy for Bad Breath

The best geographic tongue treatment is one that contains oxygen. Dr. Katz, an experienced dentist and the founder of the California Breath Clinics, has developed the best geographic tongue treatment on the market today. He has actually developed a complete line of bad breath products called the TheraBreath system.

This product line includes toothpaste, mouthwash, mints, gum, and sprays. All of these products contain an effective ingredient called contain Oxyd-8. This is one of the most effective oxygenating ingredients you can buy over the counter today.

When brushing or rinsing with these products, the Oxyd-8 penetrates deep into the fissures and cracks to eliminate the bacteria. Regular toothpaste and mouth wash cannot achieve these results.

Ease of Use

The TheraBreath line of products including the TheraBreath tongue cleaner can be purchased online without a prescription. These products can be used in the comfort of your home during your normal brushing routine. You don’t have to visit a dentist or doctor to find relief.

For these reasons these bad breath home remedies are very popular. Thousands of people in America alone order these products every week. You can quickly and effectively eliminate the embarrassment of bad breath and no one has to know you suffered from this condition in the first place.