The Best Treatments Cor A Cracked Tongue

Many people today suffer from a white coated or cracked tongue. This condition can be experienced along with bad breath, which is very embarrassing in social situation. It is never a good sign to have your friends and family members offering gum and mints on a regular basis.

A cracked tongue is commonly related to bad breath because the cracks or tongue fissures allow anaerobic bacteria to grow at unhealthy rates and white spots on the tongue can develop. A white coated tongue is a sign that bacteria is growing on the surface.

Causes of Cracked Tongue

Having a cracked tongue is usually directly related to other tongue disorders. It is not generally a condition that develops on its own but usually as a side effect of another condition. The most common cause of this condition is geographic tongue.

Geographic tongue is a condition where the tongue will be cracked or have grooves and fissures. This disorder can be caused by stress or as a reaction to some toothpaste that contain alcohol. Once this condition develops, it can worsen as and cause pain or tingling as bacteria is able to grow within the cracks.

Solutions for Cracked Tongue

The first step in eliminating a cracked tongue is bringing the bacteria levels in the tongue back in line. This is commonly done by scraping the tongue and using special toothpastes specifically for this condition. Regular toothpastes and mouth washes can actually inflame the condition.

This type of bacteria grows in areas that are deprived of oxygen. Therefore, oxygenated toothpaste is the best treatment option. This toothpaste raises the level of oxygen in the mouth so that the bacteria can no longer grow in excess.

Treatment Options

Dr. Katz, a dentist who specializes in bad breath and geographic tongue, now offers a product called TheraBreath Oxygenating Toothpaste. This product contains Oxyd-8 which fills the mouth with oxygen and directly attacks the bacteria growing in your mouth.

Dr. Katz offers a whole line of TheraBreath products including toothpaste, mouth wash, sprays and drops, and even gum and mints.

These products are specifically designed to help people who have a cracked or fissured tongue. They can help to eliminate bacteria, which are the number one cause of bad breath, as well as a number of other mouth conditions.


If you have noticed cracks or fissures in your tongue or developed bad breath, don’t ignore it. There is help with the TheraBreath line of products.

Ignoring the problem can actually result in loss of taste and painful side effects if the tongue becomes inflamed. However, with the use of TheraBreath products, you can see improvement within days. These products are very easy to use as part of your normal daily brushing routine.