The Tongue’s Influence on Bad Breath

Bad odors often emanate from the mouth of many people. As much as 90% of these odors come from the mouth rather than other causes according to research studies. The tongue is often the source for this halitosis (bad breath). The back of it harbors bacteria caused by a variety of reasons. These bacteria are […]

How to Cure a Dry Tongue – Ten Tips for Treating a Dry Tongue

A dry tongue usually points to a dental problem, not a systemic health problem. Causes of dry mouth and tongue usually are hard to miss.

Causes And Cures For White Furry Tongue

A white furry tongue can be alarming to anyone who sees it and is usually caused by tonsil stones as well as the dry mouth that usually accompanies tonsil stones. There are other causes to this condition that can be treated by good oral care at home.

Tongue Cleaning – Do You Know How To Clean Tongue?

How to Clean Your Tongue – You can avoid bad breath if you learn how to clean tongue properly. While there are many underlying causes of some diseases of the tongue, most of the problems with the tongue are due to poor oral hygiene that can cause the tongue to feel coated as well as lead to bad breath.

What Does a White Spot on Tongue Surfaces in the Mouth Mean?

White Coated Tongue. A white spot on tongue surfaces can be an indicator that you have an excess of anaerobic bacteria in your mouth. However, with the use of the TheraBreath tongue care line these spots and the bad breath that comes with them can be eliminated.

White Coating On Tongue: How To Treat It?

A white coating on tongue can be the result of a buildup of sulfur compounds. These are caused by bacteria that live underneath the surface of the skin. Use of an oxygenating toothpaste will help control this problem.

Do You Have White Bumps on Tongue Surfaces of Your Mouth?

If you are experiencing white spots on tongue surfaces of your mouth, there is a solution. The TheraBreath Line of tongue products can effectively reduce the number of anaerobic bacteria in the tongue that causes these spots.

Is There Treatment Available for Tongue Sores?

Tongue sores can be very painful and limit your eating and drinking habits. A common cause of these sores can be your everyday regular toothpaste and mouthwash. There are treatment options that can help limit these white sores on your tongue.

How to Clean Your Tongue Correctly

How to Clean Tongue. If you are wondering how to clean your tongue effectively, look no further than TheraBreath. TheraBreath is a complete solution to enjoying a healthy tongue and mouth. This formula comes in toothpaste, mouth rinse, and mouth sprays.

Do You Have A Healthy Tongue?

Tongue Disorders and Tongue Health. You may want to try the above treatment if you have white patches on your tongue, a yellow coating on your tongue, or even red spots. By keeping your tongue clean and practicing good oral care, you will soon see results. You will have a healthy tongue.