Chronic Post Nasal Drip – Effective Treatment for Excessive Post Nasal Drip

Chronic post nasal drip can be very annoying and lead to halitosis, which is bad breath. There are many reasons why people may suffer from this condition. Most commonly, these are due to allergies and caused by excessive mucus built up in the sinus cavities.

Post Nasal Drip Symptoms

Some of the post nasal drip symptoms include:

  • constantly clearing your throat
  • tickling feeling in your throat
  • feeling as though you have mucus in the back of the throat
  • experience nasal or sinus congestion
  • have frequent sore throats
  • have frequent tonsil stones

Bad breath is also a common symptom of someone who is suffering from this condition. The post nasal drip may occur frequently or seasonally. Very often, they are due to allergies. In some cases, such as the case with chronic post nasal drip, they can be due to chronic sinusitis or enlarged tonsils.

Post Nasal Drip Causes

The most common causes for this condition are allergies. This usually occurs when the sinus and nasal cavities are inflamed. This can be a year round condition or something that occurs seasonally. Those who have their tonsils and experienced frequent throat infections as a child may have tonsil stones that can also cause post nasal drip.

Treating Post Nasal Drip

If you have post nasal drip, you naturally want to treat it. One way to stop post nasal drip is to use a nasal spray that is created for this condition. Nasal irrigation devices can also help in the treatment for post nasal drip. In extreme cases, where a person has chronic post nasal drip and it is interfering with their every day life, sinus surgery may be recommended.

Allergy medications are often prescribed for those who have post nasal drip. Many of the medications that are over the counter for allergies contain antihistamines that are used to dry up the mucus. This, unfortunately produces dry mouth, which will also give the person bad breath.

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It is best to use natural methods to treat the condition of post nasal drip, rather than over the counter medications. A person who has this condition should be aware that one of the most common symptoms is bad breath and take precautions over this offensive odor. Proper teeth brushing coupled with brushing of the tongue, using a good natural mouthwash and flossing is recommended.

In severe cases, where the tonsils are involved and the person is frequently having throat infections and vomiting due to the excessive mucus built up in the back of the throat, removal of the tonsils is recommended. Tonsil removal used to be a matter of due course in children, however it is not recommended today as it was in the past. Those who still have their tonsils and who experience severe post nasal drip should speak to an ears, nose and throat doctor about their condition to see what they recommend.