TheraBreath Reviews Indicate Effective Treatment of Bad Breath

TheraBreath reviews are objective and they are essential to learn why this formula is the fastest growing bad breath treatment option in the market today. These oral care products deserve a closer look and understanding.

Try to Google-search bad breath remedies and you will find at the top of the list TheraBreath products. You will also find several TheraBreath reviews where you can see exactly how popular these products are. So, what is it about TheraBreath products that it is now the most popular bad breath solution?

A Brief TheraBreath Review

The TheraBreath oral product lines were developed by Dr. Harold Katz, renowned oral health guru with specialization in both microbiology and dentistry. Dr. Katz has been actively promoting proper oral hygiene and treatment.

His advocacy of proper and effective oral health care is anchored on several theories he has propounded to explain the real causes of halitosis. Dr. Katz has determined that anaerobic bacteria producing sulfur compounds are the causative organisms that produce bad breath.

This article will provide a concise but clear Therabreath review and how it is used as an effective tool in eliminating bad breath. You can learn more about TheraBreath by accessing the website at

A Look at TheraBreath Products

The TheraBreath products are made of a highly potent but extremely safe ingredient known as Oxyd-VIII. This ingredient is refined with properly balanced pH and is derived from a chemical commonly used in water purification, Sodium chlorite.

There are seven points that validate the unequalled performance of TheraBreath products at treating halitosis.

Reason #1 – The active ingredient of TheraBreath products is stabilized and generates oxidizing power immediately once it enters the mouth. Further, this stabilization process is translated to a 3-year shelf life.

Reason #2 – TheraBreath products are considered user friendly with high safety profile. Its anti-halitosis system is composed of Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, Breath Spray, Concentrated PowerDrops, and Oxygenating Chewing Gum.

Those who are looking for ways at how to cure halitosis are advised to try TheraBreath anti-halitosis system.

Reason #3 – Sodium fluoride is present in TheraBreath ToothGel. This active ingredient has been proven to fight tooth decay and is an effective de-sensitizing agent.

Reason #4 – Whole leaf Aloe Vera has been added to the products to boost the ability of the body to create collagen. This action of Aloe Vera strengthens weak and swollen gums making it heal more quickly.

Reason #5 – Saccharin is not present in any of the TheraBreath products. Several studies have shown that saccharin causes cancer in lab animals.

Reason #6 – Sodium Lauryl sulfate is not present in TheraBreath ToothGel, which has been known to increase the incidence of canker sores.

Reason #7 – Since TheraBreath ToothGel is made of gel, it can easily penetrate below the tongue surface resulting to a more potent action. It also contains agents that are effective in tooth polishing and tooth whitening.

Where to Buy TheraBreath Products

TheraBreath products are now accessible to a lot of people who are looking for a truly effective bad breath solution. It is now available in 68 countries in North America, Asia, South America, and Australia.

For further information on where to buy TheraBreath products, visit their website at

The TheraBreath reviews have confirmed the superiority of these bad breath solutions over all other bad breath treatments in the market.