Money Saving Tips – Use TheraBreath Coupons When Buying TheraBreath

You can now use TheraBreath Coupons to earn savings when buying TheraBreath products. You can use the TheraBreath coupon when ordering online any of the TheraBreath products.

TheraBreath is now a preferred oral care formula in 68 countries worldwide. It is the fastest growing oral care product in terms of market share in the last five years.

TheraBreath has helped thousands of people get rid of halitosis since 1994. The products are results of extensive studies done by Dr. Harold Katz, foremost expert in oral health care and bad breath treatment.

Where to Buy TheraBreath Products

You can order TheraBreath directly by going online to or call  1-800-97-FRESH (Ext. 6289) . You will receive, as an incentive for reading the Bad Breath Bible, a TheraBreath Coupon code which you can use when ordering TheraBreath products directly.

Indicate in the coupon code “DZoxMint” in the Coupon Center when you go online for your order of TheraBreath products. You can also mention it when you call in your order of TheraBreath products.

These TheraBreath coupons entitle you to free ground shipping in the US and 6 rolls of the new ZOX Breath Fresheners.

TheraBreath Coupons

Therabreath Coupon Code : D-BSpray

Free Ground Shipping in the US with a 3-Pak of Extinguisher Spray ($19.95)

Therabreath Coupon Code : DZoxMint

Free Ground Shipping in the US with a 6-pack of ZOX Mints ($9.99)

Therabreath Coupon Code : A-TNS30

2 AktivOxigen Tablets, 1 Extinguisher Spray, 1 Nasal Sinus Drops (all the products you need to prevent tonsil stones) with a $30 order

Therabreath Coupon CodeBPLUS2

$2 OFF when you purchase new TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse

Therabreath Coupon CodeBUYPRO

FREE Standard Shipping in the USA or Canada with purchase

Therabreath Coupon CodeBTRAVEL2

$2 OFF your order when you purchase any travel-size product

Therabreath Coupon CodeBPET1

$1 OFF any pet product purchase

Therabreath Coupon CodeBTONGUE

FREE Tongue Cleaner with toothpaste purchase