Bad Breath Bible – The Truth about Halitosis Revealed

Finally, we now have Bad Breath Bible to set the record straight in practically all contentious issues about how to get rid of halitosis. It is a comprehensive compilation of facts about chronic halitosis causes and how it is effectively treated.

The Bad Breath Bible – A General Description

The Bad Breath Bible is one of a long list of noble attempts at coming up with effective chronic halitosis solutions. The book presents clear and conclusive findings about the factual causes and how to get rid of halitosis.

The book is a compilation of the results of extensive researches done by Dr. Harold Katz, a renowned oral health care expert. The Book is the answer for those who long for accurate information about halitosis causes and its solutions.

The Bad Breath Bible revolves around the innovative bad breath solution known as Oxyd-VIII. Oxyd-VIII is an active ingredient found in TheraBreath products, like its halitosis toothpastes.

These are oxygenating compounds that are properly pH-buffered. It has been found to be the best way to battle anaerobic bacteria, which is the main culprit to our breath problems.

Highlights on Halitosis Causes

An effective bad breath solution is anchored on the proper isolation of the causes of halitosis. It is essential that these causes are properly addressed with the appropriate remedies and treatment.

Here are a few highlights from the book on halitosis causes:

  • Beyond proper oral hygiene, dry mouth is another critical element at controlling bad breath. Saliva is an effective means at preventing bad breath as it reduces the bacteria level by oxygenating the oral cavity.

    The sulfur-producing bacteria are anaerobic and will not thrive well if the oral cavity is oxygenated. This is the same action of TheraBreath products with its Oxyd-VIII active ingredient.

  • Bad breath problems may be caused by diabetes, upper respiratory infections and kidney or liver complications.
  • Low-carbohydrate diets can lead to halitosis by inducing ketosis, which the state of rapid fat burning. The essential components of this fat burning capacity are the ketones, which alter blood chemistry and cause bad breath.
  • Alcohol, smoking, chocolate, and eating fried fish result to acid reflux. This condition can lead to a rather unique and acidic form of bad breath.

TheraBreath Formula for Chronic Halitosis

The bad breath solution espoused in treating halitosis is referred to as the TheraBreath System using Oxyd-VIII. It is a system that uses refined and properly pH buffered formula that has demonstrated significant actions against bad breath causing bacteria.

The TheraBreath anti-halitosis system involves the use of an Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, Breath Spray, Concentrated PowerDrops, and Oxygenating Chewing Gum. The system is designed to attack at the root cause of the problem of chronic halitosis.

A study was conducted in the Department of Periodontology of the University Dental School to determine the efficacy of TheraBreath system. The results showed that TheraBreath products are able to significantly control chronic bad breath.

The Bad Breath Bible is an essential informative tool for all. It provides us with the clear understanding of the root causes of halitosis and the appropriate solutions.