Facts and Myths About How to Treat Bad Breath Effectively

Deciding how to treat bad breath involves proper understanding why you have the problem. Consequently, you have to look at the underlying causes of the bad breath, your oral hygiene and the available cures for bad breath or halitosis.

About 90% of the population is faced with the problem of how to fight bad breath. This led to a lot of myths and misconceptions about how to eliminate bad breath.

Several easy to follow home remedies, dental procedures, herbal treatments are presented as effective bad breath treatments. But before we can even talk about bad breath solutions, it is essential that we know how the problem starts.

5 Common Myths Surrounding Bad Breath Solutions

Before we even talk about ways to eliminate bad breath, we have to debunk 5 commons myths about bad breath.

Myth #1 – People can tell if their own breath smells

breath-smellsA lot of us would like to believe that we can smell our own breath odor by cupping our hands between their mouth and nose. However, we cannot be able to tell if our breath stinks because we become used to our own odors.

Moreover, we can not produce bad breath until we start to talk. The reason for this is that most of the bad smell originates from the back of the mouth.

The bad smell is expelled forward and out of the mouth only when we speak. The best to know if our breath smells is to have a loved one or a close friend smell it for us.

Myth #2 – Bad breath originates from the stomach

There is the false belief that bad breath arises from the stomach. There might be a small probability that this may happen but in most cases it comes from the back of our mouth.

This bad breath cause is due to the bacteria that produce sulfur compounds producing that odor associated to bad breath. It is produced once these bacteria contact with the food we eat.

Myth #3 – Good dental hygiene will always eliminate bad breath

Good dental hygiene is not a guarantee that we can eliminate bad breath. Unfortunately, odor-causing bacteria often hide deep within the crevices of the tongue protected by layer of mucus and protein.

Myth #4 – Mouthwash solutions are effective in getting rid of bad breath

Most conventional mouthwash solutions only provide temporary solution to the problem of bad breath and are relatively useless in treating bad breath. What’s worse, they can even contribute to bad breath formation.

Myth #5 – Our diet can affect the way our breath smells

Some foods can give us temporary bad breath. But this is not the same as the chronic bad breath that we are referring to.

This chronic bad breath or halitosis is due to the bacteria in our mouth that produces sulfur compounds that cause bad breathe.

However, there are special diets, like the Atkins Diet and other high protein diets, which can lead to bad breath.

Effective Bad Breath Solutions

dentistBad breath is generally caused by problems in the mouth. It is essential the oral hygiene is combined with time-tested home remedies to prevent and eliminate bad breath.

You should also visit your dentist for regular cleaning and check up. When the bad odor still persists, it is essential that you seek the advice of a specialist.

How to Treat Bad Breath-TheraBreath Plus

Therabreath Plus is composed of innovative and effective products that include a mouth rinse, toothpaste, breath spray and sinus power drops.

The main ingredient of these products is Oxyd-VIII, stabilized and generates oxidizing power as soon as it enters your mouth. This stabilization process gives Therabreath a longer 3-year shelf-life.

Before we even determine how to treat bad breath, it is important that we are properly informed about our problem. Misconceptions related to bad breath must be clarified in order to be able to implement effective bad breath solutions.