Correct Identification of Causes Leads to Cures for Bad Breath

The success of cures for bad breath depends on the accuracy in ascertaining the cause of bad breath. It is also important that bad breath is detected early.

The success of an oral hygiene and treatment program is anchored on proper and early detection of bad breath and isolation of the cause of bad breath. Working at how to stop bad breath should start with knowing why and when it started.

Looking at the Cause of Bad Breath

Dead and dying bacteria produce sulfur compounds that creates foul odor leading to bad breath, also called halitosis. They are generally found at the back of the tongue where bacterial plaque and food debris accumulate.

These bacteria also proliferate in tooth decay and the gaps between our teeth. Failure to clean regularly and properly leads to large accumulation of bacteria which results to bad breath.

There are other causes of halitosis other than from the mouth. These include:


  • Infections in the tonsil, sinuses, lungs and throat
  • Diabetes
  • Post nasal drip
  • Hormonal problems
  • Use of anti-depressants, high blood pressure medications and anti-histamines
  • Use of oral products that contain alcohol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

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The presence of bad breath may be a sign of a more serious problem in the body. If home remedies and dental procedures do not provide positive results in curing bad breath, it is essential to consult a health specialist.

The Use of Bad Breath Detector

Individuals with serious bad breath problems, in most cases, are not aware that they even have the problem. It is important that one should follow some simple techniques to determine if one has bad breath.

One can check for the presence of whitish deposit at the back portion of the tongue. You may also ask another person about the odor of your breath.

More and more dental health professional are resorting to the use of bad breath detector to properly identify the cause of bad breath. The device is an integral part for the formulation of a comprehensive bad breath solution.

As more and more people are beginning to realize the negative effects and stigma of bad breath, a lot of us are now seeking for immediate treatment. The halimeter is now the preferred device by dentist to accurately determine the cause of bad breath.

About 85% of all bad breath cases originate in the mouth and the remaining are attributed to diseases from within the body itself. The bad breath detector can help identify the cause of bad breath.

Basis for Cures for Bad Breathe

Majority of studies points to the oral cavity as the main source of halitosis. The bad breath detector can be able to isolate the other conditions, thus leading to more effective cures for bad breath.

The identification of the source of emission is important for the effective treatment of bad breath. Bad breath comes from the sulfur compound produced by bacteria when it contacts with food and dead skin cells in the mouth.

These sulfur compounds are very volatile and would be very difficult to isolate without the use of a bad breath detector. The dentist will have difficulty in determining the source of emissions without these devices.

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Pregnant and nursing women can also use this therabreath product as it is all natural. It will also not interfere with any prescription medication or any other oral product that you have been required to take.

Accurate identification of the cause of bad breath and the isolation of the source of emission are the main elements of effective cures for bad breath.