Bad Breath Symptoms – Recognizing Common Symptoms of Bad Breath

gumBad breath symptoms are not usually noticeable by the person who has bad breath unless they are looking for them. Often a person who suffers from bad breath, scientifically called halitosis, will get the hint from others.

If people are offering you gum and mints all of the time, chances are that your breath may be offensive. Some people may even come right out and say it. There are ways; however, that someone can detect the symptoms of bad breath without having to be told.

A Constant Dry Mouth

A dry mouth, usually caused by certain medications, especially antihistamines, will usually cause bad breath. If you have a constant dry mouth, this can be one of the symptoms of bad breath.

An unpleasant taste in your mouth is another symptom as are gum problems. A white coating on the tongue is a classic sign of bad breath. If you have any of these symptoms, chances are that you may be suffering from bad breath, which you cannot usually smell on your own. Unfortunately, other people can.

What Causes Halitosis

There are many different reasons why someone would develop halitosis. This can be a temporary condition, such as from eating foods with pungent odors such as garlic and onions. Many people with bad breath get them from the foods that they eat.

The most common causes of halitosis originate in the mouth. Proper dental hygiene must be maintained, including care of the tongue. This helps to prevent the bacteria that causes bad breath symptoms from generating. When the bacteria in the mouth get out of control, it causes an odor that emits when you breathe out through your mouth.

Bad Breath From Stomach Problems

In some cases, halitosis is caused by a stomach disorder, although this is not the usual cause for this condition. Those who have a condition called Acid Reflux Disease may be more prone to halitosis as the stomach gases rise into the throat. The halitosis definition covers all forms of bad breath, no matter where they originate.

Other Rare Causes Of Bad Breath

Diabetes and a metabolic dysfunction can also cause halitosis. Those who have chronic halitosis should speak to their doctor to rule out medical conditions, if they are unable to cure the condition by using products that are made to cure bad breath.

Curing Halitosis

There are many cures for halitosis. The best way to cure this condition is to seek the root of the problem. There are mouthwashes, teeth scraping devices, toothpaste and even special gums and mints that can be used.

mintIt is important for people to realize that the cure for this condition is not simply popping a piece of ordinary gum or a mint in the mouth. Doing this merely masks the problem and does not cure the condition.

The cure depends on the origination of the problem. For example, if the halitosis is caused by a dry mouth due to a frequent use of antihistamines, it is best to use a nasal wash or spray in place of this type of medication. In most cases, careful attention to oral hygiene and regular dental checkups can help to treat this condition.

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