Bad Breath Prevention – An Essential Component of Oral Health

big-mouthEffective bad breath prevention can only be done if you know what is causing the bad breath. Unfortunately most of us do not want to discuss or are not even aware of the true causes of bad breath.

Understanding the real causes of bad breath will lead to an effective treatment of bad breath. Further, a number of the established treatment methods are actually effective preventive measures as well.

Real Reasons for Bad Breath

Several studies have established the real reasons for bad breath. These findings are the basis for the home remedy for bad breath that is recommended.

You can also try one natural cure for bad breath as long as you are able to determine the underlying causes of the oral problem. Most of these treatments for bad breath can also double up as methods for bad breath prevention.

Whatever the treatment you use, the fact remains that ignorance of the true causes of bad breath makes both prevention and treatment difficult. These may be the reason why almost 90% of people have bad breath problems.

The single most important aspect of bad breath prevention is to follow a good oral hygiene program. This is due to the fact that most causes of bad breath are attributed to poor oral hygiene.

Causes of Bad Breath Problems

Improper brushing can be a cause for bad breath as food and other particles can cause decay which lead to bad breath.

Bacterial infection which sometimes leads to gingivitis can also be one of the reasons for bad breath. This is characterized by swollen, bleeding and receding of the gums.

A dry mouth can also lead to serious bad breath problems. Saliva helps to remove plaque, and the accumulation may lead to tooth decay resulting to bad breath.

Once all of the above causes are ruled out, it may be time to consider looking at your overall health condition. One should also look into the connection of infections of tonsils and bad breath problems.

You should also look into possible problems in acidity, heart and lung ailments and other medical conditions that give rise to bad breath.

Bad Breath Prevention

Now that we have established the real causes of bad breath, we can now look at the logical bad breath prevention tips. An effective oral hygiene is the core of any bad breath prevention program. This includes:


  1. Brushing of teeth twice a day and flossing at least once
  2. Avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and high oil foods, including garlic and other spicy foods
  3. Drinking cranberry juice to eliminate bacteria that sticks to the teeth, tongue and in plaque pockets and hard to reach areas
  4. Drinking lots of green and black tea, which contains polyphenols that help to reduce oral bacteria and eliminate sulphur compounds
  5. Eating sugarless yogurt
  6. Undergoing regular professional tooth cleaning and oral examinations to check possible causes of bad breath

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Effective bad breath prevention is anchored on the proper identification of the real causes of the problem. In that way an effective oral health program is implemented to prevent this common oral problem.