Finding A Dry Mouth Treatment That Is Right For You

If dry mouth is causing your bad breath, what you need is a good dry mouth treatment. Read on if you want to know what are the symptoms of dry mouth and how to find a dry mouth treatment that’s right for you

Symptoms Of Dry Mouth

dry-lipThe symptoms of a dry mouth are obvious – the mouth and usually the throat feel very dry. In many cases, the lips will also be dry as well. There is usually a white coating on the tongue that gets worse as the day wears on. This causes bad breath and also allows the mouth to be open to infection.

Those with dry mouth will notice that they cannot produce enough saliva and will often be using drinks or mints to try to generate saliva in the mouth.

Dry Mouth Problems

Without dry mouth treatment, there can be a host of problems that can occur with a constant dry mouth. Because of the condition, it makes the mouth more open to infection. A severe dry mouth will result in bad breath that comes from the coating on the tongue. It will also result in gum infections and even mouth infections from the condition. If left untreated, the infections can cause a person to lose their teeth.

Dry Mouth Medication

There is medication for dry mouth. This includes mouthwashes as well as sprays that can be used to treat this condition. Before using medication as a cure for dry mouth however, a person should look to the cause of dry mouth. If lifestyle habits are the cause, such as smoking or taking drugs, these should be eliminated.

Other causes of dry mouth include taking over the counter medications frequently for colds, sleeping and allergies. These all contain antihistamines that promote dry mouth.

In some cases, there may be a medical condition that can lead to dry mouth. Anxiety can cause this problem as well as diabetes. In most cases, however, it is due to taking antihistamines, amphetamines and antidepressants. These are the three most common causes of why someone has dry mouth. Drugs such as marijuana and meth can also lead to dry mouth.

What Is The Best Dry Mouth Treatment?

Good oral hygiene using products that are made to treat dry mouth should be used. These include mouthwashes and sprays that will help a person produce saliva and relieve the symptoms of dry mouth.

chewing-gumBrushing the tongue and using a tongue scraper can also help with this condition. There is even gum that can be used to treat the condition of dry mouth.

All attempts at trying to treat the underlying reason for dry mouth should be used before using medications for dry mouth. In some cases, the cause for dry mouth cannot be alleviated due to a lifestyle change and medications are needed.

Using medicated mouthwashes and sprays that have been specially formulated to deal with the cause of dry mouth are very effective. These help to not only relieve the discomfort of this problem, but also to cure bad breath and prevent infection in the mouth due to the dry mouth syndrome.

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