How A Dry Mouth Remedy Can Help You

If you are plagues with a very dry mouth, you are probably looking for a dry mouth remedy. This condition can be caused by a number of different factors. Most commonly, dry mouth is from taking antihistamines or antihistamine products.

Other medications that cause dry mouth include sleeping pills, anti depressants and street drugs, such as marijuana. Sometimes, dry mouth is also caused by diabetes. You should first take a look at the reason why you have dry mouth before you address the dry mouth remedy.

Dry Mouth And Lips

dry-mouth-and-lipsSome people suffer from not only a dry mouth but dry lips as well. This can be very uncomfortable and cause them to use balm on the lips.

There are products that can be used for dry lips that are effective and will keep the lips feeling suppler. More importantly, there are sprays, gums and mouthwashes that can be used for the mouth so that it produces the correct amount of saliva.

Consequences Of Extreme Dry Mouth

If you have a dry mouth all of the time, it can lead to halitosis, which is chronic bad breath. You can see if you have dry mouth by looking at your tongue. Those who suffer from dry mouth have the dry mouth white tongue that is a symptom of this condition.

If you have a thick white coating on your tongue, you have dry mouth syndrome. In most cases, the thickness of the substance on the tongue will get worse as the day goes on.

Dry Mouth Cure

It is important to address a dry mouth and not just shrug it off. It can cause oral problems such as bad breath as well as an infection in the mouth. Because the mouth is so dry, it makes it more susceptible to infection.

Dry mouth is not just a nuisance, but can lead to some problems with the mouth and even to tooth loss. This is a condition that should be addressed.

You need to look for a dry mouth remedy that will treat this condition. There are some things that you can do to stop dry mouth on your own, such as stopping taking certain medications and drugs.

However, other factors that figure into this condition may not be able to be helped. And those who are taking anti-depressants run a risk by stopping usage. Those suffering from dry mouth should not ignore the problem but use a product that is made to cure dry mouth.

Biotene Products

Biotene products have been known to help with dry mouth. There are sprays, mouthwashes and even a gum that you can use. In studies, biotene products have proven to help cure this condition as well as the bad breath that often goes along with it.

One of the best products you can use for dry mouth and bad breath is also one of the easiest to use. Try TheraBreath Chewing Gum. This oxgenating gum contains zinc and will help cure your dry mouth as well as freshen your breath.