Are There Any Dry Mouth Remedies?

There are several dry mouth remedies on the market to help with the treatment of dry mouth. Many people suffer from this condition that can have many causes. Dry mouth can lead to bad breath and even tooth loss if not treated on time.

If you suffer from chronic dry mouth, you need to investigate the dry mouth remedies that are on the market to help those who suffer from this condition. Dry mouth should not be ignored. It not only leads to bad breath but can also lead to tooth decay because the dry mouth is more susceptible to infection. There are many remedies on the market that comprise dry mouth treatments.

What Is Dry Mouth Syndrome?

Some people have a sensation of a dry mouth and throat all of the time. Symptoms of a dry mouth include the feeling of dryness in the mouth as well as the throat. Dry mouth and throat make a person feel as though they are thirsty and can be caused by dehydration. In some cases, however, the dry mouth continues to stay, no matter how much water the person drinks.

The clinical name for dry mouth is Xerostomia. It is a condition that can have many causes and is usually related to medications or lifestyle choices.

Causes Of Dry Mouth

Medications such as those for allergies are the most common cause of dry mouth. Any medication that contains antihistamines when taken regularly will cause dry mouth. These include allergy medications, sleeping medications and anti depressants.

In some cases, dry mouth is caused by certain drugs such as marijuana. Hormonal imbalances and smoking can also lead to dry mouth as can anxiety. In rare cases, the condition is caused by poorly controlled diabetes.

Cures For Dry Mouth

Dry mouth will lead to a coating on the tongue that can build up throughout the day. If left unchecked, it will also lead to bad breath and infection in the mouth. This is why it is so important for those who suffer from dry mouth to look for effective dry mouth remedies.

The treatment for dry mouth can include using certain mouthwashes and sprays that are made for this purpose. Lifestyle changes, such as not taking drugs or smoking can also help address the condition.

Good oral hygiene is essential for everyone, but particularly for those who suffer from dry mouth. Using a good toothpaste and tongue scraper can help keep the tongue clear and stop infection in the mouth. There are mouthwashes that should be used in the morning and evening for dry mouth.

During the day, a person who has dry mouth can also use sprays and gums that are made to help treat dry mouth. Good mints to use are ZOX Mints from TheraBreath. You can get three rolls of these mints that will help you with the problem of dry mouth as well as bad breath by ordering directly online.

How Dry Mouth Causes Harm

Dry mouth causes less saliva to be produced in the mouth and allows for bacteria to flourish. It not only will cause bad breath, but can also lead to tooth decay and gum disease because the mouth is ripe for infection.

Dry mouth should not be ignored. If there is no way to stop the cause for the condition, then treatments should be taken to alleviate the dry mouth that consists of good oral hygiene with products made to treat dry mouth.