Symptoms of Dry Lips – Why Are My Lips So Dry?

Dry skin on the lips and really, really chapped lips usually result from overexposure to wind and sun without basic protection. The kind of protection your lips need from strong sunlight just is not available from a tube of Chapstix – n fact overuse of Chapstix can make dry, peeling lips even worse! The first step in making sure your lips don’t dry out is to provide them with protection from the sun.

Although lip gloss makes your lips shinier, it also causes them to absorb ultraviolet light. Don’t use lip gloss when you are planning a day in the sun. And if you use Chapstix on a regular basis, it’s something you ought to leave at home on the days you plan to spend outdoors. The alcohol-based flavorings and essential oils in Chapstix dry out your skin almost as quickly as sun and wind.

vitamin-e-ampulIf you use lipstick, don’t use matte. The chemicals that make matte lipstick last also dry out the lips. If you just have to use matte, rub a little shea butter with vitamin E on your lips first. You will get a deeper tone from your lipstick, and you will also help keep your lips moist.

Just before you go outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen to your lips. The lips need extra sun protection because the skin cells in your lips do not contain the pigment melanin. This basic skin pigment is an antioxidant that helps in skin repair. Since the lips don’t have melanin, you need a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 (used once an hour outdoors) to 30 (used every two hours outdoors).

If you don’t prepare for your first trip of the season outdoors and your lips get dry and chapped, don’t pull at the little pieces of dry skin. Moisten them with petroleum jelly first. Use several applications of petroleum jelly over several hours and only then try rubbing off the dead skin with the gentle application of a warm, moist washcloth. Never cause a new injury to your lips while you try to get rid of old, dead skin.

Dry lip symptoms are easy to prevent, and easy to treat. Just be sure to protect your lips from sun and wind, and stay away from Chapstix.