Constant Dry Lips – Five Ways to Treat Dry, Peeling Lips

Dry peeling lips are unsightly. They can get infected. Cancers of the lips do not cause peeling skin, but treating dry, peeling lips is something you definitely want to do right away. Here is how you do it:


  1. Resolve not to use Chapstix!
  2. Chapstix tastes good. Chapstix smells good. The flavorings and fragrances in this product are mixed with alcohol, which dries out the lips and makes peeling even worse (so you will keep using more and more).

  3. Remove dry, peeling skin with a homemade exfoliant.
  4. Any cosmetic counter carries an exfoliant for your lips – at a hefty price. You can make your own exfoliant from equal amounts of olive oil and table sugar. Apply to a clean cloth and gently rub your lips to remove flaking, peeling skin. The homemade exfoliants that you might use for acne, such as vinegar scrubs, are too harsh for the delicate skin on your lips.

  5. Seal moisture in your lips with a lip balm made from beeswax, jojoba oil, or shea butter.
  6. These natural products are hypoallergenic and inexpensive. Use them several times a day. Make sure that anything you put on your lips is free of chemical additives and preservatives as well as flavorings and fragrances.

  7. Use petroleum jelly on your lips if exfoliation doesn’t work.
  8. The mineral oil in petroleum jelly will help strips of dead skin come off your lips more easily. Remember, you don’t want to injure healthy skin in the process of getting dead skin off your lips.

  9. Always use sun screen on your lips when you go outside.
  10. The skin on your lips does not contain the tanning pigment melanin. It cannot defend itself against the damage to living skin cells done by the UV-A and UV-B rays of sunlight. A little sunscreen now can save you a lot of dryness and peeling later.

If you use lipstick, don’t use matte. The ingredients that make matte lipsticks longer lasting also dry out your lips. If you just have to finish a stick of a matte lipstick, use a drop of vitamin E oil on your lips before your first application of the day.

And if you have a problem with dry, peeling lips, save lip gloss for when you are well. Lip gloss makes your lips shinier, but it also makes them absorb more of the UV rays of sunlight that cause sunburned, dry peeling lips.