Natural Chapped Lips Treatment – Dry Lips and Dryness Around the Mouth Can Be Treated in Many Different Ways

Have you ever wondered if you were addicted to lip balm? Has more than one friend jokingly remarked that there might be a 12-step program for Chapstix addiction at a church or social hall near you?

If you have chapped lips and you just can’t stop using Chapstix, rest assured that there are other ways of moistening dry lips and dryness around the mouth. Here is what you need to know.

Chapstix Can Cause Chapped Lips

There are five reasons people become addicted to Chapstix. The most important reason varies from user to user, but these are the most common variations on the theme:

  1. Chapstix feels good. Chapstix tastes good. Chapstix is zero-calorie. Every kind of lip balm is designed to leave a lingering, pleasurable sensation. If they were made to feel good, Americans would not buy more than 200,000,000 tubes a year.
  2. Some people use Chapstix to treat cold sores, although what they really need is the herb lemon balm, not a lip balm.
  3. People associate Chapstix and other lip balm products with happy events. That is why the makers of these products concoct flavors from soft drinks (for example, Dr. Pepper-Flavored Chapstix) and have special birthday and Christmas packs.
  4. Lip balm can be an inexpensive substitute for lip gloss. Some men who would never dream of going to the cosmetics counter use Chapstix for its cosmetic effect. But the most important reason so many people are addicted to Chapstix is.
  5. Chapstix contains essential oils, flavorings, and fragrances that are dissolved in alcohol. The alcohol dries out your lips, so you have to keep using the product!

Almost every lip balm, and especially Chapstix, is designed to keep you needing to use it! The formulation of lip balms is a marketer’s dream, but overuse can lead to a cosmetic nightmare.

Why Overuse of Chapstix Can Be Dangerous to Your Beauty and Your Health

Any kind of moistening agent can conceal patches of dryness on the lips. Sometimes these dry patches, however, are the earliest warning signs of skin cancer on the lips, known as actinic keratosis. Here are three ways Chapstix can keep you from recognizing actinic keratosis:

  1. This early warning sign of cancer is usually felt before it is seen. If you use Chapstix or any other lip balm product constantly through the day, you won’t notice you have a persistent dry patch.
  2. In the first few years of its development, the actinic keratosis causes a crack in the lip that is easily rehydrated by the use of lip balm. As the cancer grows underneath the skin of the lip, it eventually does not cause a crack at all.
  3. In people under the age of 70, an actinic keratosis is usually grayer than surrounding skin. Lip balm obscures the color difference between the actinic keratosis and healthy skin.

An untreated actinic keratosis can become a full-fledged skin cancer that requires removal of part of the lip followed by a long, expensive procedure to restore the lip that is usually not covered by medical insurance. Overuse of Chapstix and other lip balms can cause a crisis in your health, your wealth, and your personal appearance. So what’s the best way to treat chapped lips?

Safe Chapped Lips Treatment

It’s usually best just to stop using Chapstix and other lip balms altogether. That does not mean you have to suffer dry or chapped lips. Here are some five simple rules for keeping lips moist:

  1. Drink the often-recommended eight glasses of water a day. You don’t have to drink so much water that you slosh, but you do need to avoid dehydration at any time. Always drink before you feel thirsty.
  2. Treat cold sores with products that actually heal cold sores, such as the herb lemon balm, also known as melissa. Using a lip balm to treat a cold sore just keeps reinfecting the sore with the virus that is rubbed off into the stick.
  3. Treat contact dermatitis and allergies in your lips with a little bit of neem oil, twice a day. It soothes inflammation of almost all sources.
  4. Moisturize dry skin around your lips with aloe vera gel. This also helps with sunburned or sun damaged skin.
  5. Always avoid products that taste good or smell good, or that taste bad or smell bad. Any kind of fragrance or flavor in any lip gloss, lipstick, or chap stick dries out the skin and just keeps you needing more.

Just say no to Chapstix. Use the right products for your dry lip symptoms, and protect both your beauty and your health.