Chapped Lips Remedies – The Best Lip Balm for Dry Lips Is Taste- and Fragrance-Free

Chapstix is the best-selling lip balm in the world, and not without reason. The chemical formulation of Chapstix is a marketer’s dream.

The makers of this popular lip balm provide special blends of fragrances and flavors to evoke memories of happy times. Many children, for example, have happy memories of drinking the soft drink Dr. Pepper when their mothers greeted them after coming home from school, or at a birthday party, or at a winning sporting event. Chapstix formulates the soft drink into a Dr. Pepper flavored lip balm.

lipstickThere are chap sticks with flavors and fragrances to remind users of Christmas, of trips to McDonald’s to buy a Happy Meal, of their first kiss, their winter skiing vacations and buying cotton candy after a trip to the zoo. Because of the subliminal memories that are evoked every time the purchaser uses Chapstix, many people use the product 20 and more times a day. But the clever manufacturer of Chapstix does not rely on sweet memories alone to sell their product.

Flavorings and fragrances are mixed in alcohol. In turn, alcohol dries out the skin on the lips and around the mouth. The more someone uses Chapstix, the more he or she needs to use Chapstix. The formula that is used to make the lip balm is a profit-oriented marketer’s dream.

But isn’t Chapstix harmless? After all, it’s just a lip balm.

To be absolutely sure, there is nothing in Chapstix that causes cancer. The problem with using Chapstix or any other lip balm multiple times per day is that users do not notice the early warning signs of skin cancer on the lips.

Most cancers on the lips begin as a condition known as actinic keratosis. It is accurate to describe actinic keratosis as a kind of “pre-cancer.” Excessive use of Chapstix and similar products makes early detection nearly impossible.

  • An actinic keratosis feels a little like a piece of sandpaper. Usually it is felt before it is seen. Constant resurfacing of the lips with lip balm throughout the day keeps the actinic keratosis from being felt.
  • When an actinic keratosis grows large enough to be seen, it pulls at the surrounding skin to form a crack. Constant application of lip balm keeps this crack from being detected.
  • A still pre-cancerous actinic keratosis later forms a noticeably gray patch of skin. Lip balm paints over the gray so it’s not noticed.

If you care about avoiding cancer of the lip, it’s imperative to just say “No!” to Chapstix. But that does not mean you have to suffer dry lips. The single most important step in keeping your lips from drying out is to hydrate them from the inside out. This means drinking the often-recommended eight glasses of water a day (although more than eight glasses is not necessary).

The second most important step in treating dry lips is to use non-drying products. Flavors and fragrances dry out your lips. The lip balm that actually keeps your lips moist won’t taste good or smell good, and it won’t taste bad or smell bad. It won’t have any taste or smell at all.

cold-soresAnd if you are using Chapstix to treat cold sores, stop! The product you need for cold sores is lemon balm, an herb, not lip balm. Lemon balm stops crusting, itching, and pain in just a day or two. Constantly using the same stick of lip balm just keeps reinfecting your lips with the cold sores virus you shed.

The chapped lips remedy that works best for you probably is not what you are using now, and it won’t bring back happy memories of Mom, apple pie, birthday presents, or trips to the zoo. But it will keep your lips healthy and beautiful for many years to come.