What Are The Common Causes Of Dry Mouth

There are many causes of dry mouth. Most of these are the result of medication, although some causes have underlying medical conditions. Pregnancy and diabetes are also related to dry mouth, although the most common cause is taking medications that are used for allergies, colds and sleeping.

Dry Mouth Disease

A dry mouth can be a condition in which the mouth does not get enough oxygen and often causes halitosis, which is another name for bad breath.

Dry mouth causes are often related to sinus problems, allergies and medications. In some cases, a hormonal imbalance can cause dry mouth, such as dry mouth during pregnancy and for those who are going through menopause.

Symptoms Of Dry Mouth

The natural dry mouth symptom is a feeling of dryness in the mouth that can occur any time. A patient who has dry mouth will usually feel thirsty all of the time.

It is common to have a dry mouth upon rising in the morning due decreased oxygen in the mouth during the night. However, many of those who experience chronic dry mouth have a more severe feeling in their mouth. Their throats can also feel tight and they may not be able to generate saliva.

Common Causes Of Dry Mouth

water-and-pillsMedications containing antihistamines are among the most common of the causes that lead to dry mouth. Many medications that are sold over the counter can lead to dry mouth. These include antihistamines that are sold for allergies and sinus problems, over the counter sleeping pills and cold medicine.

Other medications, such as anti-depressants, can also cause dry mouth. Those who sleep with their mouth open and do not breathe through the nose are also prone to dry mouth. In some cases, a deviated septum can cause dry mouth.

Cures For Dry Mouth

Most people who suffer from dry mouth do so because they are taking medications to help with their allergies, their colds or to sleep. Avoiding these medications and using a more natural approach can help cure dry mouth. A person can take a nasal wash instead of using an antihistamine for sinus or allergies. There are also nasal sprays that can be used to relieve dry mouth.

There are herbal remedies that can be used for both sleeping and colds that do not include the ingredient of antihistamines. It is important to examine the causes and then look for a solution to the problem.

The result of dry mouth is bad breath. Those who have bad breath often have dry mouth related to sinus problems. There are a number of sinus sprays and nasal washes that can eliminate dry mouth as well as the bad breath problems that are associated with this condition. Regular use of TheraBreath Toothpaste and
TheraBreath Oral Rinse
can be of great help in lessening the problem.

If dry mouth is associated with diabetes, it is important for a patient to be compliant, as well as see the dentist frequently to treat the condition. In the case with pregnancy and menopause, the condition will usually end once the hormonal levels have stabilized.

Proper oral care should be taken for women who are pregnant or going through menopause to eliminate dry mouth and gum disease that are often the result of hormonal imbalances.