Causes of Dry Lips Syndrome – Five Tips for Treating Dry Lips

b12vitaminDry lips are caused by many conditions. For many natural health experts considering dry lips, vitamin deficiencies top the list. Vitamin B12 deficiencies sometimes cause dry lips, especially in people who have deficient stomach acid or people who eat a strict whole foods, vegan diet. Iron deficiency anemia sometimes causes dry lips, as can a deficiency of vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin.

The simple fact is, however, that very few people suffer dry, itchy lips because of iron or vitamin deficiencies. Almost all processed foods are fortified with B vitamins and iron. Older people sometimes have a problem with dry lips when they lose their lips so that the mouth does not close properly. Allergies can cause dry lips, and so can exposure dry air in deserts or extreme cold-winter locations.

The most common cause of dry lips, however, is using Chapstix to moisten the lips! Millions of people suffer a Chapstix addiction. Full of flavors and fragrances most people associate with happy times, Chapstix activates the circuits in the brain that associate a good feeling with a particular taste or smell. Rubbing Chapstix makes you feel good, but the alcohol used to dissolve the essential oils and flavoring agents that make the product so appealing also dry out the skin.

More often than allergic contact chelitis, angular chelitis, angular stomatitis, chelitis exfoliativa, chelitis gladularosa, chelitis granulomatosa, pèrleche, Plummer-Vinson syndrome, yeast infections of the mouth, or any other of the very rare medical conditions that dry out the lips, dry lips result from overuse of Chapstix. The ingredients that make putting Chapstix on the lips pleasurable are the very ingredients that ensure that users need more, more, more.

If you decide that Chapstix is an important part of your life and you don’t want to give it up, at least be sure you are aware of the early warning signs of skin cancer so you can get treatment for actinic keratosis. But if you are ready to take control over your Chapstix habit, here are five important tools for becoming Chapstix-free.


  1. Hydrate your lips from the inside out. Unless you have a problem due to overbite or missing teeth, your lips can generate enough fluid to stay moist as long as your whole body is hydrated. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Drink the often-recommended eight glasses of water every day.
  2. Avoid any lip balm or lipstick that contains balsam of Tolu, also known as Tolu balsam. It’s the common source of contact allergies in the lips.
  3. Don’t use lip balm to treat cold sores. You will just constantly reinfect the sore every time you put the stick of lip balm to your lips. Use creams made with the herb lemon balm, which greatly accelerate the healing of the skin.
  4. If your lips dry out when you spend time in summer heat or winter cold, moisturize them with aloe. Aloe stops the inflammation that causes flaking and inflammation of the skin of the lips, and also helps the skin deal with sun damage.
  5. For infections on the lips, try a dab of honey. The antioxidants in honey protect the hive against bacterial and fungal infections, and they are so potently antiseptic that many American cosmetic surgeons apply honey directly to skin before plastic surgery. You will want to lip your lips frequently, so set aside the amount of honey you want to use for the whole day at the beginning of the day, and enjoy! See if you don’t get considerable improvement in your lips.

Chapstix does not cause cancer, but it can obscure the symptoms of cancer. To avoid the necessity of painful, expensive, and disfiguring surgery later in your life, learn the symptoms of actinic keratosis and check your lips often.